All New Remington Portable Typewriter

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Marshall Plan logo

Nothing special about this post-war basket shifted army green machine with “miracle tabulation” … apart from the Marshall logo on its left side.

The Marshall European Recovery Plan ran from 1948 to 1951 and expressed the U.S. concern over the disintegrating European situation. Army Chief of Staff, Marshall asked the European nations to set up themselves a plan for reconstruction, with American aid. Not in dollars, but in goods: food, raw materials and machinery – worth over 13 billion dollars.

Apart from helping Europe to recover, it boosted the American export, and tied the old continent to the new American model of managerial capitalism. It also tried to keep communists’ influence out of Western Europe. The logo was deemed necessary when the US Congress became concerned that the Soviet Union was taking credit for the poorly-marked U.S. donations. (When the Marshall Plan ended, the Korean war had started and the slogan was changed to “Strength for the Free World from the United States of America.” and used until 1953).


All New Remington Portable Typewriter

  • Type : frontstrike, four bank keyboard, basket shifts
  • This machine dates from 1951
  • It was produced from 1949 on
  • Serial number : AT2203438

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